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The word women empowerment essentially means that the women have the power or capacity to regulate their day- to- day lives in the social, political and economic terms -a power which enables them to move from the periphery to the centre stage. By women empowerment ISARD aims at.
  • Equal access to participation and decision making of women in social, political and economic life

  • Equal access to women to health care, quality education at all levels and employment

  • Changing societal attitudes and community practices by active participation and involvement of women.

  • Elimination of discrimination and all forms of violence against women.

  • Building and strengthening partnerships with civil society, particularly women's organizations.
Promotion of self-help groups SHGs
ISARD is working on promotion of SHG among disadvantaged group in Mohali District in Punjab and other programme area since 2002 .Since the response found to good we are on the move to expand the programme to our other programme area also. Presently over 300 women beneficiaries are getting with the services of ISARD SHG prgramme in Mohali district of Punjab. We witness a sense of communal living and warmth among the women participating in the programme.

  • Entrepreneurship Development and Vocational Training Programme.
    SHGs of ISARD are in transition phase having income generating activities in priority. As part of the developments ISARD undertakes entrepreneurship development and vocational training programmes for educated/unemployed/underemployed youth with special focus on women in various states.

  • Financial literacy
    This is another area where ISARD is keeping a watch on, as transparency in accounts is the key in SHGs programmes. Thus ISARD regularly conducts financial literacy trainings for the SHGs in the programme areas.

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