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Developing societies experience a sudden and constant onslaught of migration of people from hinterlands to urban centres, unplanned clusters, slums and squalor. While developed countries have already become largely urbanized, industrialized and serving their populations with highly modernized infrastructure and amenties, most of the developing world is undergoing a shift in economic activities, sporadic urbanization and setting up of new infrastructure. As per recent estimates, most of the urban growth forecasted in the 21st century is bound to occur in Asia and Africa. At the same time, planning techniques and systems in these countries are weak and largely ineffective. But since a majority of new housing physical and social infrastructure is about to be set up, the developing world holds a strong potential for sustainable and balanced urban-regional development. ISARD invests its efforts in the thematic areas of sustainable habitat, integrated planning and urbanization, master planning, landuse-transport interactions, healthy and inclusive cities, low-carbon and smart cities, green growth and infrastructure, urban regeneration and evival, urban heritage and tourism, local environmental planning, etc. ISARDs activities include advocacy, creating opinion, research studies, technical consultancy, plan preparation, training and dissemination of information among professionals, industry, experts and other stakeholders.

Resettlement of Project Affected Persons In Respect of Delhi MRTS Project

To execute the Delhi Mass Rapid Transit System the land was being acquired and rehabilitation of project affected person was done as per Government policy. The proposed study was to understand the resettlement and rehabilitation of project affected persons of Khyber Pass to Metro Vihar I and II. The study was undertaken the survey to know the number of houses whose income is reduced due to resettlement with reasons and mitigation measures. It was also give the details of occupation, average income and item of expenditure in sampled households. The study incorporates the current status on the report on action taken by slum and J.J department and other concerned organization to improve the economic situation of project affected persons. Besides this, the study also highlights the status of operation of infrastructure and other facilities like school, community centers etc

Study on Affordable Housing Capacity of Underprivileged Informal Sector Families

Housing is one of the focus areas of this initiative in India. The intent is to provide affordable houses to the urban poor employed in the informal sector (those who do not get a formal employment and are not covered under any social security and regulatory frameworks – auto rickshaw drivers, vegetable vendors, casual labour, contractual industrial workers, self- employed plumbers, electricians, etc. form this group). ISARD was appointed by Asoka for carrying out of data collection and stakeholder discussion with potential beneficiaries The project started with a need assessment research wherein we tried to capture several attributes of potential customers of such houses – could be the slum dwellers or second users of the Government housing for the EWS/ LIG.

Baseline survey for Preparation of DPR for Vishakhapatnam and Solapur

In order to give an impetus to reforms under JNNURM, the MoUD and Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation (MoHUPA) had launched a new project called “Capacity. Building of Urban Development” (CBUD). The project had been launched with support from the World Bank. The Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India has awarded the above study to IRG. New Delhi. The main aim of this project is preparation of Detailed Project Report for Municipal Solid Waste Management for Visakhapatnam and Sholapur City. ISARD was appointed as collaborative agency by IRG for the above study to collect the secondary and primary data, review and assess all existing data on MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) generation, composition, handling and disposal , current methods of both primary and secondary collection of waste and waste storage, methods currently adopted for the treatment and disposal of municipal solid waste, including visits to existing facilities in Visakhapatnam (Andhra Pradesh), Solapur (Maharashtra).

Post resettlement survey of project affected persons (PAPs) In respect of Delhi MRTS

The objective of the present study was to assess the status of the project-affected persons (PAPs) who have been resettled in Savda Ghevra and HolambiKalan areas. In terms of infrastructure created and the socio economic condition of PAPs and to ascertain the problems encountered and areas needed for their further improvement. The study was carried out in two resettlement colony Holambi kalan and Holambi Khurd of North West Delhi area. During the study about 10% of shifted household were canvassed after collecting the information report was submitted to DMRC.

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