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Diarrhea and respiratory infections are the number one cause for child deaths in India. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 2 million children die of diarrheal disease each year. Those suffering from diarrheal disease are also likely to suffer from malnutrition, impaired physical growth, and reduced immune response. Many other illnesses that can be directly correlated to unsanitary conditions and overcrowding, such as tuberculosis and worm infestations, account for high mortality rates among slum residents. Improving hygiene and sanitation will not only improve health, it may also lead to other social benefits such as improved school attendance, less time gathering drinking water, and less time caring for the sick. ISARD is working towards this cause with effective and innovative strategy operations including..
  • Awareness generation among slum dwellers

  • Water treatment with innovative low-cost method (SODIS).
Provision of safe drinking water in 10 slums of Delhi, India through point of use (p-o-u) treatment method -SODIS at East Delhi Area.

"Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS) is a simple, environmental friendly low-cost solution for drinking water treatment at household level that uses solar energy (UV-radiation and increased temperature) to destroy pathogenic microorganisms"

The SODIS progamme is being implemented by ISARD in association with Development Alternative (DA) supported by EAWAG, Switzerland from November 2009 in 10 slum area namely, Sanjay Amar Colony,Indira camp Karkarduma, 18 block Indira camp,Dhobhi ghat,Block 17 Kalyanpuri Block 21 ,Sanjay camp ,Rajiv camp ,Block 19-20 ,Indira camp Trilokpurpui of East Delhi. Through this programme ISARD have been covered 5000 households till march 2011.

The goal is this programme to promote and disseminate point-of-use water treatment methods at household level and improve hygiene practices of the final beneficiaries to reduce child mortality and improve the overall health situation in ISARD programme area in East Delhi. The vision is to ensure all families in the programme area an access to safe and affordable drinking water through SODIS.

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