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Research and documentation is one of the major focus areas of ISARD, as it gives proper understanding of social issues. Since inception we followed the path of research and documentation which helps in evolving us to the present status. On the basis of grass root experience & need of the community ISARD plans to development activities in the areas.

Baseline/community Need Assessment Survey

Households & Community Based Baseline Survey and Needs Assessment
Before starting any developmental progamme, ISARD conduct household & community based Baseline Survey and Needs Assessment on the issue based among the targeted area. The objective of the Baseline Survey and Needs Assessment is to gain information on the economic, social and education status of the target population for planning strategy for programme interventions.

The baseline studies attempt to articulate the relationship between social and economic dynamics, the socio-economic capitals and other amenities available to the households and community. Community Needs Assessment has been considered as a tool for identifying gaps in people and community needs, and therefore mainstreaming real development opportunities into the community systems.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation as a participatory process, enables capacity to understand and apply lessons learned from the projects' experiences. The multidisciplinary expertise available with ISARD has been used to undertake monitoring and evaluation studies of both in-house and the projects of other clients and governmental programmes. Some of the studies listed below.
  1. Comprehensive Study on "Impacts of Investment on Watershed Projects" in Haryana and Himachal Pradesh, sponsored by National Institute of Rural Development (MoRD) through DBD Environmental Services, New Delhi, 2011

  2. Evaluation Study on Status of "Resettled Project Affected Persons in Respect of Delhi MRTS Project, Phase-II" Savda Gevra and Holambi Kalan of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC),2010

  3. Evaluation of Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS)" in Bihar, Chandigarh (U.T.) & Punjab, Sponsored by NCAER New Delhi, 2009

  4. Monitoring Study of "Project Affected Persons at Savda Gevara and Holambi Kalan in Respect of Delhi MRTS Project, Phase-II" of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), 2007-2008.

  5. Evaluation of the Drop-Out Rate of the Schedule Cast Children at Primary Level in the State of Haryana & Punjab" in Association with SARTHAK & Ministry of Social Justice & Women Empowerment, Delhi, 2005-2006
Research/Survey Project

In addition ISARD conducts several large and small research projects, either independently or in partnership with other institutions and Organizations. Research projects aim to take a deeper, more nuanced look at different aspects of the situation with respect to different socio economic health and other developmental aspects.

Research and documentation unit explores how the scope of ISARD discussions can be broadened by linking ISARD data or findings to other data and academic work. ISARD actively seeks partnerships with individuals and institutions known for quality research in education, health, environment and other aspects of socio economic development and related fields.

List of research projects undertaken
  1. Living in India'' National Survey of Household Income and Expenditure (NSHIE),2010-2011) in Bihar, Jharkhand, Punjab, Chandigarh and Himachal Pradesh Sponsored by National Council of Applied Economic Research - centre for Macro Consumer Research, New Delhi,2011

  2. Need Assessment Study at SIRSA ,Haryana sponsored by Haryana State AIDS Control Society ,Haryana 2011

  3. Assessment of Small Borrowing in India" sponsored by NCAER, New Delhi 2010

  4. Need Assessment Study at Bindapur areas West Delhi sponsored by Delhi State AIDS Control Society ,Delhi 2010

  5. A study on "Cultural Beliefs and Traditional Practices in Newborn and Child Care" supported by BAPNI New Delhi, 2010

  6. Pre-launch Survey of Insurance Awareness Campaign" by IRDA in Bihar, Jharkhand and Himachal Pradesh, sponsored by NCAER, New Delhi, 2010

  7. Baseline survey of 10(Ten ) slums of East Delhi, Development Alternative-Ewag,Delhi 2009.

  8. A comprehensive report on "Perceptions and Suggestions of the disadvantaged communities on improving accessibility to programmes promoting human development; and participation in decentralized governance'' , Sponsored by KARAM-NCAER,New Delhi, 2008.

  9. Socio-Economic Research and Impact Assessment Study" in 8 Towns (Faridabad, Bahadurgarh, Rohtak, Panipat, Sonipat, Karnal & Yamuna Nagar-Jagadhari) of Haryana, Sponsored by Spatial Decisions, New Delhi. & Yamuna Action Plan (JBIC), 2006-2007.

  10. A study on "HIV/AIDS Risk Behaviour to Engage in Risk Behaviour in Adolescent of Delhi & Haryana" with the support of New Brunswick University, Canada, 2006.

  11. India Programme of Research on Human Development in Delhi, Haryana & Rajasthan, NCAER New Delhi, 2004.

  12. A Project Report on Angara Block: A Study on Natural Resource Management', SC Roy Institute & SRI Ranchi, 2003.

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