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Multi Discipilinary Team: Our professionals with ISARD include specialists in the area of Social Science, Health, Rural and Urban Develoment, Environment, Natural Science, Statistics and Demography,Communication and Information Technology etc.

Resource Team and Nation-Wide Skilled Manpower Network : ISARD have all required personnel/ experts with 5 to 35 years of experience in research, training, monitoring and evaluation in aspects of health, education, gender, economic, rural and urban development, environment and resettlement and rehabilitation issues and other community welfare programmes. They have expertise as, advisors and senior consultants in different national and international organizations. ISARD engages full time & part time professionals across the nation and has a pannel of trained facilitators and Supervisors. There is a panel of experts and consultants who provide their services and guidance as and when required by the organization.

Nation-Wide Office Network: ISARD have offices in states of Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh ,Uttrakhand , Bihar & Jharkhand .

Programme Intervention: ISARD has mass experience working with disadvantaged group of communities among rural, urban and hilly areas for their welfare in various states of India.

Advocacy: ISARD has been working at the policy initiatives with an aim to bring about changes at the Community, Society, State and at National level by demystifying the perspective, concepts and ideas relating to all aspect of community development issues, sensitising through various research article etc.

Research & Documentation: Research is key strategy of our programme that has helped ISARD to gather relevant information and knowledge base on various beneficiary/community problem and issues to implement the developmental programme.

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