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Education is a powerful catalyst to socio-economic change and is the quickest way to make a productive break through. India has out of school children outnumber those who go to school. ISARD is working to bridge this gap with the motto "literacy for all". We have established education centre's in the community that aim to maintain children to back into school. ISARD is working for basic education through non-formal education programme among the disadvantaged people, since this is the quickest way to make a productive break through. Out of school children outnumber those who go to school. These include a) school drop outs b) working children c) children especially girls who cannot attend formal school because they attend sibling or household chores. Keeping this in view, we have established education centre’s in the community that aim to maintain children to back into school. The strategy being followed in the education programme by the ISARD volunteers include use of multifarious tools like awareness campaigns, surveys and studies, counseling and setting up of Remedial Education Centres.

Life Skills education for Adolescent Girls

This programme is based on the evidence that literacy and education improves the health and social status of women and girls. The programme addresses the special needs of adolescent girls and equips them with life skills for a better quality of life. The primary intervention is life skills course for adolescent girls with a special focus on out-of-school and working girls. The programme also focuses on sexuality education, anemia prevention and improvement of the reproductive health of adolescent girls.

Training and Capacity Building

The capacity building component of the project envisages training programmes for groups with an aim to enhance their understanding the dynamics of group formation, group management, financial management and federation building and to build their capability to identify and analyze problems, to apply skills and resources to solve them in a sustainable manner. The project functionaries, Community coordinators are regularly trained to develop their capacities to shape as full fledged development professionals. They are trained on development and poverty, PRA techniques and are especially sensitized to work with the poor. Some of the skill trainings are: Workshop on an induction & social mobilization processes. Experience sharing and skill development, Gender training needs assessment, Gender Sensitive CIF guidelines, TOT on social mobilization processes, Baseline, process monitoring and MIS, Audit training, Convergence with departments, Exposure visits and IG & Micro-finance sub projects

Training of Peer educators and Outreach Workers

Peer education enlists members of a specific group to effect behavior change among their peers. The success of the peer education program is in creating a supportive environment for improving the health conditions of their peers and they belong to the same community. The PEs is from the same communities as the HRG. It was observed during the programme that the female PEs were more accessible to the target group. However, each of the PEs extended support to their clients in giving information, providing condoms, referring to ORWs and accompanying the clients to the STI clinic to the places of referrals. Regular weekly meetings were held with the PEs for training, review the performance and orienting them in: Basic communication skills during interactions, Myths and myth conception about sex and, sexuality, Basics of STI/AIDS, Condom demonstration. 2 training programmes were organized by DSACS and its associated units like TSU to build capacity building of project staff including MEA Cum Accountant & Project Managers. ISARD had also taken essential steps for skill building amongst the staff, peer educators and volunteers. In this process, many of trainings were organized time to time for staff and PEs and volunteers. The Main topics were covered as Overview of the training, Outreach, Micro Planning, MIS Formats, Networks and Gap analysis.

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